Gas prices in Kansas are still in relatively good shape this week.

“Right now in Kansas, we’re at $2.34 a gallon,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “That’s a little bit higher than we were at this time last year, about five cents higher. Nothing that’s going to break the bank as thousands and thousands of Kansans hit the road for Thanksgiving this week. Overall, it looks like a pretty favorable place to be at the pumps as you go to fill up for your road trip.”

If you’ll be driving in places that you don’t normally, you can still find out the best gas prices.

“You can download the AAA Mobile App to your phone,” said Steward. “As you travel, you can see what the best gas prices are based on your location.”

Depending on the length of your trip, you can see a wide variance in pump prices.

“There’s so many factors that are involved with that,” said Steward. “There’s competition, there’s the wholesale price that those retailers are paying for gas from their different suppliers. It’s really hard to
pinpoint why one location is different than another. Those prices that you see at the pumps are set by the gas stations and convenience store retailers.”

Prices can vary by several cents depending on proximity of the station to a major highway, as well.