Gas prices continue to hold the line in Kansas.

“We’ve seen some pretty good news both in Kansas and nationwide in the last week,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “We’ve seen some moderating prices. Kansas gas price average actually dropped one cent to $2.63 a gallon this week and the national average only went up one cent.”

Twenty-seven states across the country saw prices decrease or hold steady in the past week.

“Gas demand has actually remained fairly robust, but we saw some gasoline inventories rise in the last week,” said Steward. “That was kind of a surprise. For the first time since February, those inventories rose, which helped moderate the prices at the pump.”

Record domestic production has helped keep supply where it needs to be for now.

“We don’t anticipate any huge or unexpected price jumps at the pumps this summer at this point,” said Steward. “Things can always change with hurricanes in the Gulf or tensions in oil-producing countries around the world.”

Prices are expected to make their natural slow rise as summer vacations begin, though.