Kansans are seeing some stability at the pumps for the time being.

“Our average gas price is up, but not by much,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “Only about one cent more than we saw last week.”

Gas is averaging $2.26 a gallon across the state.

“That’s up 26 cents in the past month,” said Steward. “We’re 12 cents lower than we were at $2.38 a year ago.”

Kansas is the 10th cheapest state for gas this week.

“We’ve seen several trends driving the price up over the past few weeks,” said Steward. “Gasoline stocks have gradually been decreasing, while demand for gas has been increasing as more people get out on the roads and the weather improves. We’ve got Spring Break, so a lot of people are on the roads right now.”

Once the winter blend stocks are depleted, refineries will switch to summer blend production and that costs more, so it’s likely prices will continue upward in the medium term.