The change in the calendar has not changed the direction of Kansas gas prices. They are still headed down.

“We’ve just continued to see gas prices decline, as they have for about the past three months, maybe a little more than that,” said Shawn Steward with Triple A of Kansas. “There’s just been a pretty low demand for gasoline and our supply is very plentiful right now.”

Kansas pump payers are getting some of the best prices across the United States.

“Right now, we are at $1.93 a gallon,” said Steward. “That’s 9th lowest in the country. We’re about 30, 31 cents less than the national average.”

Geopolitical concerns have not, at this point, forced prices back up.

“The outlook looks about the same as we’ve seen,” said Steward. “Supply being plentiful and demand being pretty low. We are keeping an eye on the cut in production that OPEC has instituted here at the beginning of the year. We’ll see if that may impact prices a bit headed back upward. So far, we haven’t seen the impact of that.”

The latest Energy Information Administration (EIA) data registers gasoline demand at 8.6 million b/d for the week ending December 28 – the lowest level on record since February 2017.