Even though gas is higher in Kansas this week, it’s still relatively good news at the pump.

“We’re up three cents on average in the Sunflower State,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “Our average gas price is $2.52 a gallon. That compares with $2.74 at the national level.”

The switch to a cleaner burning fuel for the summer months makes prices more expensive.

“The summer blend of gasolines can start coming into the pumps anytime from March to the beginning of May,” said Steward. “It’s the springtime period. That depends on where you’re receiving your supply.”

Increased driving for pleasure also increases prices.

“Gas demand has held fairly steady and inventories continue to tighten a little bit,” said Steward. “That’s why we’ve seen continued increases at the pumps over the past few weeks.”

Geopolitical concerns including sanctions on Iran and Venezuela could also negatively affect prices going forward.