Gas prices are stable as we get ready for Memorial Day travel.

“Things are looking really good as we head into the holiday weekend,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “Gas prices in Kansas and across the country have really started to moderate and even drop over the past few weeks.”

Gas prices are at $2.60 a gallon, down two cents from last week.

“Headed into Memorial Day, from a year ago, we’re about twelve cents cheaper than we were then,” said Steward. “Nationally, we’re, as usual, looking pretty good, as well. Kansas is about 25 cents less than the national average.”

That makes Kansas the 11th cheapest state for gas in the country.

“Crude oil prices have remained relatively stable, even over the past few months,” said Steward. “That’s a big reason why the gas prices have been cheaper in recent weeks, especially compared to last year at this time. That’s even despite having a little bit less in terms of gasoline stocks in storage.”

There is still a concern that prices could rise in the summer months as demand goes up during vacation season.