The price of gasoline has gone up the past few weeks, but drivers in the Sunflower State are still doing well compared to most of the rest of the country.

According to surveys from the Triple-A, the average price for a gallon of regular in Kansas has gone up in the past month, moving from $1.86 to $2.01.

One year ago, the average was higher, at $2.28 a gallon.

Still, that $2.01 a gallon doesn’t look too bad when you consider that the national average sits at $2.25.

In fact, the Kansas average is the ninth-lowest in the country.

On the other end of the scale, Hawaii comes out on top at $3.27 a gallon, with California close behind at $3.23.

There’s variation within Kansas.

The least expensive average price in Kansas is in Sheridan County in northwest Kansas, coming in at $1.89 a gallon.