Gov. Kelly to Delay the Opening of K-12 Schools until after Labor Day

Gov. Laura Kelly stated during her Wednesday press conference that she will be issuing an Executive Order this Monday to delay the start of school for grades K-12 until after Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2020.

As part of the Executive Order, she is mandating that masks will be required to be work by students, teachers, and staff.

“I’m announcing now that I will be issuing an executive order this Monday to delay the start of school until after the Labor Day holiday,” said Gov. Kelly. “Because the Board of Education’s health guidelines are not enforced, I will, also, issue an executive order to make those common-sense mitigation strategies that are in the Board’s plan mandatory because we have already seen what happens when guidelines are voluntary.  That means that masks, social distancing, proper hygiene, and daily temperature checks will be enforced, regardless of the county that the schools are in.”

Gov. Kelly says that she believes that the additional three weeks will allow each county to get the “necessary mitigation supplies” and will allow each superintendent time to thoroughly review the plan from the Kansas Board of Education on what strategy is best for their district between in-person classes, distance learning, or a hybrid of the two plans.