Governor Addresses Tuition In State of the State Speech

Governor Laura Kelly called for another freeze in tuition at Kansas colleges in a State of the State address that portrayed the state as booming economically.

The Democratic governor didn’t provide details about her college tuition proposal in the annual address.

Kelly suggested that the state’s improved finances and the coronavirus pandemic warranted a tuition freeze at state colleges.

The governor’s tuition proposal follows years of concerns about rising college costs — and efforts by both legislators and the state Board of Regents to contain them.

At some universities, tuition has been frozen three years.

Yet costs for students and their families are much higher than they were 15 years ago, and now approach $5,600 a semester in tuition and academic fees at the University of Kansas for a full-time Kansas undergraduate – almost 82% more.

At Kansas State, the same costs for a similar student have grown 80% and now tops $5,200 a semester.