Governor Comfortable with Vaccine Rate

Governor Laura Kelly says that she’s “very comfortable” with how Kansas is distributing COVID-19 vaccines, despite U.S. government data showing its inoculation rate is the lowest of any state.

The governor argued that Kansas likely has a more efficient distribution system than other states, and is getting vaccine doses more quickly to more communities.

The state Department of Health and Environment has said the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows Kansas behind other states because of a reporting lag.

The state health department has not published its own data.

Kelly has faced criticism from Republicans in the Legislature over the CDC’s vaccination data.

Kelly told reporters, “We’ve got people who right now are focused on getting vaccinations in people’s arms, and their sidelight is then trying to get that data into the system.”

The CDC reported that as of Monday, less than 30% of the vaccine doses distributed across the U.S. had been administered.

In Kansas, the figure was about 15%.