Governor Laura Kelly has issued an executive order that will require the state to track foster children’s progress in school, shortly after having vetoed a similar bill last month.

In an annual report card detailing the academic progress and classroom struggles of children in its care, Kelly’s order will require the state Department of Education to work with the Department for Children and Families to prepare the report and submit it by January 15 of each year to the education committees in both legislative chambers, according to The Kansas City Star.

Kelly had initially vetoed the bill on June 1, saying the state couldn’t afford it.

Kelly said “Education is key to a strong future workforce in Kansas. This report will help us track educational outcomes of Kansas students in foster care, which will in turn help Kansas’ vulnerable families, and make our public education system more accountable.”

The report card will contain graduation rates of foster kids, suspension rates, and standardized test scores.

Each category also will include race and ethnicity data.