Governor Laura Kelly joined a bipartisan group of governors in sending a letter to President Donald Trump to express her willingness to continue allowing refugees into Kansas communities.

The correspondence came in response to President Trump’s Executive Order 13888, “On Enhancing State and Local Involvement in Refugee Resettlement.” The order directs the federal government to resettle refugees only in jurisdictions in which both the state and local governments have consented to receive them.

“Kansas has a long and proud history of welcoming the world’s refugees into our state,” Kelly said. “As Governor of Kansas, I not only consent to the initial refugee resettlement in Kansas as per the terms of the Executive Order, I also welcome them into our state.”

Kelly said that her administration is committed to working with President Trump’s administration to ensure that refugees are properly vetted and arrive in Kansas in a safe, orderly manner.

“Kansans are among the most welcoming, openhearted people in the nation,” Kelly said in the letter. “I know they’ll continue to accept these peaceful refugees into their communities, just as so many other states have done.”

Communities in Kansas already have, or are preparing to issue similar letters of support for refugees to be resettled locally.