Governor Says No Vaccine Passports in Kansas

Governor Laura Kelly says that she has no plans to have Kansas issue vaccine passports, which are designed to help inoculated residents travel, shop, and dine out more freely.

Vaccine passports verifying people’s immunizations status have become a political flashpoint in the U.S., as they’ve come into use in Israel, and are under development in Europe.

Some Republicans see them as heavy-handed government intrusion.

Kelly said she’s concentrating on making sure people get tested for and vaccinated against COVID-19.

She told reporters that she had no interest in vaccine passports, adding, “We will not be issuing those under my authority.”

New COVID-19 cases have declined sharply in Kansas in recent months.

State health department data showed an average of just 195 new cases a day for the seven days ending Monday, the lowest rolling seven-day average since June of last year.