Governor Says Special Legislative Session Still Possible

Governor Laura Kelly says she hasn’t dropped the idea of calling the Legislature into special session to impose a statewide mask mandate.

Kelly and top Republicans agreed in a private Zoom meeting this week to try – for now – to persuade counties that are coronavirus hot spots to impose mask mandates rather than having the state step in.

Asked how long she would give that approach, Kelly said, “Not long.”

Republican leaders continue to argue that local officials are in the best position to set pandemic restrictions based on local conditions, even with rural counties being hit hard in recent weeks.

Kelly this week floated the idea of calling a special session of the Legislature – possibly to strip counties of their authority to opt out of a statewide mask mandate – because lawmakers are not scheduled to reconvene until January.

Participants in the Zoom meeting said afterward that a special session of the Legislature appeared to be off the table.

Kelly says that’s not the case.