Governor Signs Budget, Vetoes Some Items

Governor Laura Kelly has vetoed a ban on the use of state dollars to enforce mask mandates and 17 other budget provisions amid ongoing strain between the first-term Democrat and the GOP-dominated Legislature.

Kelly said that she supported the majority of the budget, but that some pieces were unnecessary, had been resolved in other bills, or should have been vetted more thoroughly, The Wichita Eagle reported.

Other provisions that were vetoed included one that would give legislative committees more power over how to allocate federal relief funds.

The rejections come after Kelly last week vetoed a ban on transgender school athletes, civics and financial literacy requirements for high schoolers and gun safety education for students using National Rifle Association materials.

The eight non-budget bills she has said no to are more than any Kansas governor in the past 17 years, and come after Kelly issued just seven total during her first two years in office.