Governor To Announce Phase 2 of Vaccinations

Governor Laura Kelly will be announcing the state is moving into Phase 2 of its vaccination plan.

With this move, all those aged 65 and older, those in eligible congregate settings, and all high-contact critical workers will now be prioritized for vaccination, in addition to any one from Phase 1 who has not yet been vaccinated.

Kelly stressed that it’s important to remember that the rate of vaccinations will be dependent on the amount the state receives from the federal government.

Approximately 1 million Kansans are in Phase 2, but the next weekly supply of vaccine from the federal government contains approximately 45,000 new first doses, so not everyone in Phase 2 will be able to receive their vaccine immediately.

Each county will decide how their limited supply of the doses will be allocated by population groups.

In the coming weeks, the State of Kansas will launch a “Find my Vaccine” mapping tool, so Kansans can locate sites that are offering the vaccine.