Governor Wants Tax Rebates

Democratic Governor Laura Kelly has proposed giving Kansas residents who filed state income tax returns last year a one-time rebate of $250, dropping the idea on a skeptical Republican-controlled Legislature.

The governor had given no public hints that she was considering such a proposal, and she’s already called for eliminating the state’s high-for-the-U.S. sales tax on groceries.

Kelly said Kansas can afford one-time rebates because the payments won’t permanently reduce state revenues.

Kelly’s plan would provide $250 to individual tax filers and $500 to married couples filing jointly.

The rebates would go to 1.2 million Kansas residents, costing the state about $445 million.

People would get the rebate even if they didn’t owe taxes for the year, Kelly’s office said.

Republicans were immediately skeptical of Kelly’s plan, both because of its timing, and because the tax relief would not continue after next year.

Senate President Ty Masterson and House Speaker Ron Ryckman Jr. said they prefer permanent tax cuts.