Governor’s Racial Commission Suggests End of No-Knock Raids

A commission established by Governor Laura Kelly in response to the mass civil unrest over racial injustice earlier this year is urging state lawmakers to ban officers from entering a home without announcing their presence, but it’s unclear how aggressively the Legislature will pursue it.

The practice has been banned in Virginia, Oregon, and Florida, along with several cities.

Those seeking to ban no-knock warrants argue that they can prompt police to use excessive or deadly force, often against minorities, while also violating people’s constitutional protection against unreasonable searches.

Police are wary of banning them, fearing that requiring them to knock and announce themselves allows criminals time to flee or destroy evidence.

Two Kansas lawmakers who studied criminal justice reform on a panel of legislators and others said they had misgivings about the recommendation on no-knock warrants, and it’s unclear where legislative leadership stands.