Grandparents Asked State Agency for Help Before Granddaughter’s Death

The grandparents of a 3-year-old girl who was killed said they raised concerns about her safety with child protective services before her death in the latest tragedy involving the state agency responsible for overseeing young children.

Elisabeth and Howard Jansen II spoke out after their 29-year-old son Howard Jansen III and his 33-year-old girlfriend Jacqulyn Kirkpatrick were charged in the death of Olivia Ann Jansen, The Kansas City Star reported.

“She’s gone because of him, and her, and the system that wouldn’t help us,” the girl’s grandfather said.

Elisabeth Jansen said she expressed fears to the Kansas Department for Children and Families on June 21 that drugs were in the home where Olivia lived.

Their son and Kirkpatrick kept Olivia from them, and they hadn’t seen the girl since March, the grandparents said.

She added that Olivia’s biological mother was going to let them take care of the girl once she was released from prison.

Laura Howard, secretary of the Department for Children and Families, said her agency reviews critical incidents to determine if there are any policies or procedures that need to be addressed.