Greeks Getting Hit Hard On Campuses

The coronavirus is hitting fraternities and sororities in Kansas particularly hard, with 10% testing positive at the University of Kansas, and outbreaks linked to four sororities at Kansas State University.

The University of Kansas says that it has conducted 21,719 tests and 474 have been positive, for a positive rate of 2.18%.

Among sororities and fraternities, however, there have been 270 positives among 2,698 members tested.

The university began testing every student, faculty, and staff member for COVID-19 as they returned to campus this month.

At Kansas State, health officials announced six cases at Alpha Delta Pi, six at Alpha Xi Delta, five at Chi Omega, and five at Kappa Delta, The Kansas City Star reports.

The cases have resulted in quarantines.

“The leaders of local fraternities and sororities are cooperating with health department staff, but we have concerns that the safety messages are not reaching all of the members,” local health officer Julie Gibbs said. “It is imperative that anyone who has had close contact with a positive patient, or who is sick, remains in quarantine or isolation, and takes personal responsibility for their actions.”