Group creates survey to gauge impact of Covid-19 on Topeka & Shawnee County

The Topeka, Shawnee County Recovery Taskforce has created a Community Recovery Survey designed to better understand and assess the impact of COVID-19 on Topeka & Shawnee County. The data obtained from the survey will offer valuable insight toward the establishment of community recovery efforts as facilitated by the Greater Topeka Partnership, the City of Topeka and Shawnee County.

“Our goal is not only community recovery but to thrive following this crisis, so everyone’s input is needed to move appropriate recovery efforts forward and to do this we need to better understand the impact it has had us all,” said Michelle Cuevas-Stubblefield, taskforce chair and senior vice president of strategy, Greater Topeka Partnership.

The Topeka, Shawnee County Community Recovery Taskforce is a collaborative response team that is working to ensure recovery across all sectors of the economy following the COVID-19 pandemic. The Taskforce has five primary focuses: Economic Recovery; Health and Behavioral Health; Community and Education; Government, Infrastructure and Public Safety; and Funding and Philanthropic.

“At this stage, the most valuable resource the Taskforce has to work with is the voice of the community,” said Topeka Mayor and Taskforce member Michelle De La Isla. “By identifying the key issues our community is facing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we can begin to formulate a tailor-made community recovery strategy that provides actionable, long-lasting solutions and helps establish effective future response measures.”

The Community Recovery Survey may be accessed at The survey should take no more than five minutes to complete.