Groups File For Injunction in Election Law

Four groups who earlier filed a lawsuit over new Kansas election laws have filed a motion for temporary injunction, asking the court to bar the state from enforcing its newly enacted “Voter Education Restriction.”

The groups – the League of Women Voters of Kansas, Loud Light, Kansas Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, and the Topeka Independent Living Resource Center – previously filed a lawsuit challenging a number of new election laws.

The new filing asks the court to keep the “Voter Education Restriction” from going into effect until the court grants final judgment in the case.

Kansas has an upcoming primary election on August 3rd, for which the registration deadline is July 13th.

The groups say that the new law would chill the ability of organizations to provide voters with information and assistance in casting their ballots.

The groups say that the new law is too vague and too broad.