Have your cash and save it, too; partnership between KTA and BancPass for cash turnpike customers announced

It’s less expensive to drive the Kansas Turnpike if you use a K-TAG than if you pay cash at the tollbooth. Thanks to a new partnership, you can have the best of both worlds if you don’t want to tie your travel to a credit card.

“We are partnering with a company called BancPass,” said Rachel Bell with the Kansas Turnpike Authority. “They will offer a toll sticker that is reloadable with cash at area retailers.”

Retail locations have not been released yet.

“The way the BancPass works is you will reload your account with cash,” said Bell. “Then, you’ll receive text messages from BancPass that alerts you as you go how much money you still have on your account.”

Starting a BancPass account is relatively inexpensive.

“The starter kit will cost $20,” said Bell. “There are some additional fees that BancPass has in their user agreement. Overall, we felt like this was a really good option for those cash-preferred customers.”

With the BancPass pre-paid program, those cash customers have a way to get up to 25% discount on their tolls.