Health Administration Master’s is most searched in Kansas

New research out of Olivet Nazarene University shows which master’s degrees Kansas residents are most interested in obtaining in 2019.

“The top three according to Google search trends data for the state of Kansas are: 1. Health Administration (MHA) , 2. Engineering (M. Eng), and 3. Public Administration (MPA),” said Matt Zajechowski of Digital Third Coast.

A Health Administration Master’s degree is fairly popular across the country.

“The Master’s in Health Administration was actually the second-most popular searched master’s degree across the country,” said Zajechowski. “It was only behind the Master’s of Business Administration, which was the clear winner across the U.S.”

When compared to the highest earning degrees in the US, four of the top five most searched don’t even make the top 25 in highest earnings.

“There’s at least a moderate separation between what people are interested in doing and their interest in earning more money,” said Zajechowski. “It kind of shows that people are still wanting to follow
their dreams, as opposed to where the most money is at.”

The source for Olivet was Google AdWords analysis of national and state search volume from July 2018 to July 2019.