Highpoint BlackJack Saddle Club Winners Named

Winners in the 2020 BlackJack Saddle Club six-show circuit were announced by club president Albert De La Garza at the recent yearend banquet.
There were 30 riders in the 10 and under age group throughout the year, with 21 riders in the 14-17 age division, and 25 riders in the 18 and over group.
Yearend honorees include:
Performance, 10 and under—Highpoint champion, Mia Herrera; reserve highpoint, Brayden Greenwood; third, Trista Warnken; fourth, Brody Greenwood; fifth tie, Kyler Parthemer and Lila Sullivan; and sixth, Izabel Nelson.
Performance, 11-17—Highpoint champion, Kirsten Allison; reserve highpoint, Genayla Warnken; third, Katelyn Allison; fourth, Kya Stevens; fifth, Cooper Mowry; and sixth, Tessa Parthemer.
Performance, 18 and over—Highpoint champion, Frank Buchman; reserve highpoint, Teresa Douthit; third, Brook Staten; fourth, Lyndese Greenwood; fifth, Vicki Smith; and sixth, Becky Sutton.
Speed Events, 10 and under—Highpoint champion, Katherine De La Garza; reserve highpoint, Trista Warnken; third, Joseph De La Garza; fourth, Kyler Parthemer; fifth, Teske Nelson; and sixth, Koy Nelson.
Speed Events, 11-17—Highpoint champion, Madison Hammond; reserve highpoint, Cheyenne Roudybush; third, Sydney Wapp; fourth, Ava Asbury; fifth, Macey Wapp; and sixth, Kennedy Gibbs.
Speed events, 18 and over—Highpoint champion, Frank Buchman; reserve highpoint, Kristen De La Garza; third, Kris Hanson; fourth, Stacy Nicholas; fifth, Rachelle Wylie; and sixth, Brook Staten.

BlackJack Saddle Club youth riders honored at the recent yearend awards banquet included Joseph De La Garza, Izabel Nelson, Samuel De La Garza, Rylan Mowry, Kooper Parthemer, Tessa Parthemer, Koy Nelson, Katherine De La Garza, Genayla Warnken, Colt Mongeau, Kyler Parthemer, Teske Nelson, and Rhett Nelson in front. Among those accepting awards at the yearend awards banquet for the 2020 BlackJack Saddle Club six-show circuit were Trista Warnken, speed events 10 and under reserve; Lila Sullivan, performance 10 and under top five; Mia Herrera, performance 10 and under champion; and Katherine De La Garza, speed events 10 and under champion.

Albert De La Garza, president of the BlackJack Saddle Club, posed with two winners at the recent yearend awards banquet. They are Kirsten Allison, performance 11-17 champion, and Katelyn Allison, performance 11-17 third.