An important milestone in the Kansas Lottery’s Holiday Millionaire Raffle is in the rear-view mirror.

“Over the weekend, the Holiday Millionaire Raffle passed the half-sold mark,” said spokesman Cory Thone. “There’s only 200,000 tickets available and we’re well over 100,000 sold now. If you want your ticket, you’d better get out there and get one.”

Tickets are $20 to play.

“It’s your best odds to become a millionaire,” said Thone. “There’s only 200,000 tickets. One of them will win a million dollars. Then, there’s over 6,000 other cash prizes to be drawn in the Grand Finale on January 2, including $100,000 prize, several $50,000 and $25,000 prizes. Of course, we still have two early bird drawings left to go.”

One is this Sunday, November 24 for an additional $40,000, with the other December 15 for $50,000.

“Be on the lookout on our social media channels and on our PlayOn app for possible Flash Sales,” said Thone. “We love to drop surprise Flash Sales for the raffle. There could be another one coming up real soon.”

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