Insurance: Covering Voices, Alien Abductions, and Weddings

You can insure a lot of things besides your vehicle or home.

Bruce Springsteen’s voice is insured for six million dollars.

Around the nation, more than ten million dollars in alien abduction insurance has been written.

How about for a wedding?

Given that most weddings represent a significant financial investment, Triple-A Kansas is promoting wedding insurance.

While COVID was an exceptional cause for cancellations, the truth is that weddings are cancelled or otherwise disrupted on a regular basis.

Triple-A says wedding insurance is a relatively minor expense to ensure peace of mind.

You can insure things from the bride, groom or a guest critical to the wedding getting sick to a disrupted honeymoon due to severe weather, illness, cancelled flights, or issues with accommodations.

Protection should be considered in advance of the wedding.

Many can be covered by wedding insurance, or additional riders on a homeowner’s policy.