The Internal Revenue Service has some tips for you to make your paperwork this spring easier for your taxes.

“If you move, make sure that your employer knows your new address, any financial institutions know your address, the IRS knows your address,” said Michael Devine with the IRS. “It’s simple to do. Just do a change of address form, but that’s critical in getting all of those documents that you’re going to need to do your taxes and make sure that you’re getting them on time.”

If you left a job in 2019, it’s really important that your former employer has this information.

“They are going to try and mail a W-2, unless you have an arrangement with them to send it electronically,” said Devine. “It’s probably a good idea, if you’re no longer in that job, contact them now, ask when they’re going to do it. Make sure they are going to do it.”

Just in case you don’t get a W-2, find your last pay stub from that job, if you can.

“If you can’t get a W-2 by the middle of February, then you need to contact the IRS and ask us what to do,” said Devine. “We’re going to help you use that last pay stub that you got to fill out your tax return as accurately as possible. Don’t guess about your tax return. That’s what’s going to cause it to bounce out of the system and delay you getting a refund that you’re entitled to.”

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