Johnson County Best County for Women to Save in Kansas, Says SmartAsset

There are some places in Kansas where women are able to make more money relative to the cost of living than in other locations.

“Seven out of the top 10 counties in Kansas are in the northeast part of the state,” said AJ Smith, VP of Financial Education with SmartAsset. “We see Johnson is number one, Jefferson is number two and Butler is number three.”

Johnson County was actually the 55th best county in the whole United States for women in the SmartAsset analysis.

“We did, in fact, look at more than 3000 counties across the country for this study,” said Smith.

All 105 counties in Kansas provided data to SmartAsset.

“We looked at the median income, the amount of money that women are actually bringing home in each county,” said Smith. “We also looked at the cost of living, how much it costs to live in the area.”

In Johnson County, the cost of living was about $19,769 per year, but the income was drastically higher for women there than anywhere else in the top 10 with an average at $50,254, more than $8000 more a year than anywhere else in the top 10 in Kansas.