Johnson County Commissioner: “Buy a Firearm and Ammunition”

A Johnson County commissioner has urged constituents to buy firearms and prepare for a “coming war” in a Facebook post that described a chaotic end to law and order.

Mike Brown used the hashtags “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” as he described violence, burning churches and looting stores in the weekend post.

“I hear the war drum off in the distance from a not far away place foreshadowing in whispers the haunting cadence of the coming war,” he wrote, urging people to “buy a firearm and ammunition and take a class now to learn how to safely use it to defend yourself and your property, know what’s happening around you at all times.”

Brown wrote the post following the shooting of two sheriff’s deputies in California.

He said in an email to The Kansas City Star that he is “only speaking out against violence, and calling on other electeds, community leaders, and citizens to do the same.”