Join Bill Snyder and 580 WIBW to help Kansas State University tackle cancer

Dear Friends of the Johnson Cancer Research Center,

As you may know, I was treated for throat cancer a couple of years ago.  It was a challenging experience, and I am very thankful to be doing well now.  However, not everyone is so fortunate.  Research has saved many lives, but more work is needed.  Please join 580 WIBW and me as we help Kansas State University tackle cancer.

Since 1995, our Wildcat Challenge to Tackle Cancer has raised $416,665 for the Johnson Cancer Research Center.  Its 100 research teams are investigating cancer initiation and prevention, and developing better diagnostics and treatments.  The faculty is also dedicated to training the next generation of scientists.

Research is making a difference, but it lacks sufficient funding. We can help K-State advance its promising cancer research projects, purchase laboratory equipment and train student researchers. Please accept the Wildcat Challenge and make a tax-deductible gift now to help K-State tackle cancer.  Tegardless of the amount, you can help save a life. (Please note “Wildcat Challenge to Tackle Cancer” in the Special Instructions box.)

You can learn more about Kansas State University cancer research from the center’s newsletter and Facebook and Twitter pages.

On behalf of all who fight cancer personally and professionally, thank you for accepting our Wildcat Challenge to Tackle Cancer.


Bill Snyder, Head Football Coach

Kansas State University


Larry E. Riggins, Market Manager
Alpha Media Topeka