Junction City Boil Advisory Update

From Geary County Emergency Services:

The Geary Community Hospital is starting to field calls in reference to people drinking the water from their taps.

Please, keep in mind ALL of Junction City, Grandview Plaza and Rural Water District #1 are under a boil water advisory.

Please do not consume the water from your taps without following the proper boil procedures.

If your water is provided by the Cities of Junction City, Grandview Plaza, and Geary County Rural Water District #1, Geary County, public water supply system specified in this notice, you will need to take precautions in your food facility.

• Boil water vigorously for 1 minute before using it. Boiling it longer than 3 minutes may adversely affect water quality and taste.

• Use only bottled or boiled water for drinking, diluting fruit juices, and all other food preparation.

• If non-potable water (water from the affected water supply) is used for handwashing, bare- hand contact with any food is prohibited.

• Dispose of ice cubes, and do not use ice from an automatic icemaker. Remake ice cubes with water that has been boiled, or purchase bagged ice from an area not under advisory. Flush the icemaker water line after the advisory is lifted.