A Kansas high school principal has been suspended indefinitely after a student complained last month that she had been asked to remove her Islamic head scarf, known as a hijab, while walking in the school hallway.

The Geary County School Board voted to suspend Junction City High School principal Melissa Sharp, with pay, after reviewing an investigation into the incident.

On October 21st, the student complained that a hall monitor asked her to remove the hijab.

When the student refused, she was sent to Sharp’s office.

The student said Sharp asked her to write a couple of sentences of explanation about the hijab, to avoid any future conflicts, KSNT reported.

Several students staged a peaceful protest outside the school after the incident.

Two days later, Sharp sent an email to parents denying that the student was asked to remove her hijab, and reminding parents of the school’s dress code.

Board members said an interim principal will be appointed at the high school.