Junction City Water Update: The Flow Begins

From Geary County Emergency Services

As of this morning, water services have been restored to a large portion of Junction City.

We are aware there are areas where water is still not flowing.

When the electric panels and water pumps were finally repaired at the Water Treatment Plant, water pressure had to be increased slowly, while Junction City Fire along with volunteers from Geary County Rural Fire and City Public Works opened fire hydrants to relieve air pressure and air pockets from the water mains.

If water would have been sent out of the facility at its normal operating pressure, it would have caused several water main breaks, and it would have taken longer for residents to have their water services restored.

Higher elevation areas take longer to receive their services restored as all the water towers were completely drained, and the pumps from the Treatment Plant had to pump the water up the hills while also filling the water towers.

Workers and volunteers have located broken water lines and mains in the water system, and are working to fix the issues so water can be restored in those areas.

At this time the City of Junction City is asking those without water to contact the Junction City Police Department at (785) 762-5912 and select option “0” to speak with a dispatcher and advise them of your location in an attempt to identify other problem areas.

Statement from a Kaw Valley Consultant:

“Pressure will only increase with water elevation in the tanks.  We are only pumping 1 MGD and if everyone wakes up to water and uses some, the booster pump will not keep up.  The areas you listed will continue to be an issue till we get feet of water in the two towers.”

Junction City, Grandview Plaza, and Rural Water District #1 are still under a Boil Water Advisory, and we ask for everyone to still conserve water.

Geary County is still under Burn Ban.