K-State Adds New COVID-19 Testing

Kansas State University has started voluntary COVID-19 surveillance testing of students who live in the residence halls and Jardine Apartments as part of the university’s enhanced testing for asymptomatic individuals.

The voluntary surveillance testing of students in on-campus housing is intended to accomplish two goals.

  • Provide the university with a sense of the virus’s prevalence on campus.
  • Identify students who may be asymptomatic but COVID-19 positive, in order to isolate them, provide follow-up care, and contact trace to help mitigate the spread of the virus.

Student participation in the testing is not mandatory, and the testing will be provided at no cost to students.

Students who live in residence halls will be in the first pool of testing candidates.

Each week K-State will test approximately 10% of students living in the residence halls.

The testing will be conducted at Lafene Health Center, and will be a self-administered nasal swab test.

This is not the deep swab, but is a more comfortable and quick testing method that is still very accurate.