K-State Announces a Third Round of COVID-19-Related Furloughs

Kansas State University announced a third round of emergency furloughs to help address financial issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The furloughs will draw from multiple areas of the university.

A total of 15 employees will be furloughed.

Affected areas include Enrollment Management, International Student and Scholar Services, and Education Abroad.

The furloughs will occur this month and next.

Enrollment Management is furloughing three employees, International Student and Scholar Services is furloughing five employees, and Education Abroad is furloughing seven employees.

The units affected have reduced funding from external sources or reduced workloads due to limited operations.

The emergency furloughs are expected to result in cost reductions of nearly $80,000.

K-State’s Division of Human Capital Services is working with the affected employees on options for federal and state benefits. Furloughed employees may qualify for state unemployment benefits.

Richard Myers, president of Kansas State, said “We understand the hardship this causes our employees and their families, and ask for the continued support of the K-State community.”