K-State President Addresses Campus Unrest

Kansas State University President Richard Myers released a letter to the University, addressing the issues concerning racism that have been troubling the campus.

President Myers noted that, while the university’s founding in a Free State during the Civil War in 1863 may sound ancient, “the vestiges of that struggle remain in our country today.”

He recalled that when he was an Air Force pilot during the Vietnam conflict, there were some in the U.S. that called American service members vile names.

While he didn’t agree with them, he did agree to risk his life and die if necessary for their freedoms.

Myers said that, as president, he is willing to join peaceful protests against racism, hate and bigotry.

Myers has asked the administration to fast-track action plans to combat racism and bigotry, and other forms of social injustice, and says he will share those plans later this week.

For the entire text of the letter, click here.