K-State’s Barry Flinchbaugh Dies

A man whose career in agricultural policy at Kansas State University spanned nearly a half-century has passed away.

Doctor Barry Flinchbaugh was known as one of the United States’ leading experts on agricultural policy and agricultural economics.

For more than four decades, he was a top adviser to politicians of both major political parties, including secretaries of agriculture, chairs of the U.S. House and Senate Agriculture committees, and numerous senators and state governors.

U.S. Senator Pat Roberts called him “nothing short of a legend in his field.”, while Senator Jerry Moran said Flinchbaugh was “an icon of agricultural policy.”

Flinchbaugh was involved to some degree in every U.S. farm bill written since 1968, and served on many national boards, advisory groups, and task forces, providing input on domestic food and agricultural policy.

He joined the K-State faculty in 1971.

Flinchbaugh would receive as many as 100 speaking invitations per year.

He authored more than 100 publications, and co-authored a textbook on agricultural policy.