K-State’s Johnson Cancer Research Center Launches New Study

The Johnson Cancer Research Center at Kansas State University has launched a Cancer Research Collaboration of Excellence in Tumor Microenvironment Studies.

The multidisciplinary collaboration will examine how environmental conditions within tumors impact their development, growth, and aggressiveness, and apply the findings to improve cancer therapies.

The collaboration is made possible with a two-year, $100,000 award from the cancer research center.

The members are investigating changes in the tumor microenvironment due to exposure to different levels of radiation, oxygen pressures and vitamin D.

The collaboration’s four main research projects aim to answer the following questions.

  • What DNA mutations occur in response to radiation?
  • Does exercise increase oxygen in breast tumors and thus improve response to chemotherapy and radiation?
  • Does nitrate supplementation increase tumor oxygenation and thus decrease tumor growth?
  • And how do ovarian tumors respond to different levels of vitamin D?

The Johnson Cancer Research Center supports and advances cancer research and education at Kansas State University.

Its programs are made possible by private funding.