Numerous improvements have been made to the Kansas Department of Transportation’s KanDrive website that provides motorists continuously updated conditions of highways across the state.

“The website received more than 2 million views last winter,” said Alan Spicer, Assistant Bureau Chief in Transportation Planning. “It’s important to keep the traveling public notified of current and changing road conditions so they can make informed travel decisions.”

The main page at has been streamlined to make it easier to begin viewing details. Just click on the map to open the tabs at the top of the page, which have been expanded. The first tab, Travel Alerts, gives a comprehensive list of incident closures, road work closures and weather closures.

The other tabs allow motorists to view several maps and include –

Incidents/weather – shows road incidents, flooding, fog, blowing dust, law enforcement;

Winter conditions – this map becomes the main map on the website if any highways are affected by snow or ice;

Construction – shows that are planned, active and have closed a section of highway. Also, people can click on the map location for details on the project, and an estimated start date has been added;

Cameras/signs – shows images and live feeds at certain locations and signs with messages;

Truck parking – shows locations and availability of parking spots for truck drivers.

This information is also available on mobile devices. A map icon has been added to the top of the mobile website to assist users in opening the page.

“Helping motorists receive a variety of information before beginning their journey will give them the knowledge needed to plan their routes or even delay their start time to when the situation improves,” Spicer said. “Being informed of road conditions is an important tool to have when making travel choices.”