Kansans Low On Stress

How stressed are you?  According to a recent survey, you’re not as stressed as the average American if you live in Kansas.

The personal finance website WalletHub compared the 50 states across 41 key metrics.

The data ranged from average hours worked per week to the personal bankruptcy rate to the share of adults getting adequate sleep.

With 25 being the mid-point, Kansas showed up as better than average in a number of areas, including “share of adults getting adequate sleep”, “family related stress”, “job security”, “divorce rate”, and “housing affordability”.

A couple of the areas where the state languished in the bottom half of the rankings were in “psychologists per capita” and “crime rate per capita”.

Taking all the metrics into account, Kansas is listed as the tenth-least stressed state.

The least-stressed state was South Dakota, while the most-stressed residents can be found in Nevada.