Kansans Ready For Vacations This Summer

Kansans are looking to get out of the house this summer and do some traveling – or, at least, that’s what a poll by Triple-A of Kansas has found.

Triple-A’s poll asked Kansans about the sentiment that best reflects their feelings about traveling this summer.

30% feel that their travel will be driven by their need for a “quick getaway.”

24% are planning a longer or more extravagant trip.

21% are choosing to stay at home this summer.

25% are undecided, but say they could make a last minute decision to travel.

COVID-19 is still a factor in deciding whether to take a vacation or not.

23% say they still have COVID-related travel concerns.

64% of respondents said that when thinking about their next trip, they plan to travel with only those in their household or those in their established COVID ‘bubble.’