Kansans Shred At Record Rates

The first week of this month, we told you about a statewide opportunity for having old records shredded and safely disposed of at no cost in a program initiated by State Attorney General Derek Schmidt.

It seems that a lot of you had a lot of old records hanging about, as the response to the program set records.

Kansans safely disposed of nearly 57 tons of personal documents during National Consumer Protection Week, eclipsing previous marks for total tons disposed and number of consumers served.

More than 2,600 Kansans dropped off approximately 113,960 pounds of documents at 10 locations across the state March 1st through 6th, surpassing the previous highest year total for participation of slightly more than 2,100 consumers in 2016.

The previous record mark for weight of documents disposed of was 100,281 pounds or 50 tons, also in 2016.