Kansas Agency Donates Meat to Food Banks

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism’s Public Lands Division has found a way to help those in need.

KDWPT’s Public Lands staff donated over 21-hundred pounds of elk and bison meat to seven food banks across the state.

The donated elk and bison will feed approximately 8,500 people.

The meat – delivered in five-pound boxes containing 20 one-quarter pound patties each – came from elk and bison herds managed at the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge in Canton and the Sandsage Bison Range near Garden City.

“We typically harvest one to two bison and a few elk annually at Maxwell and Sandsage,” Stuart Schrag, Director of KDWPT’s Public Lands Division, said.  “This helps maintain an optimum herd size for available habitat, which allows us to do disease testing. We then have the meat professionally processed and utilize it for education and outreach efforts throughout the year, but this year we decided to donate everything we had.”