Kansas Attorney General says buyer beware, even after storms

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt wants Kansans who need help after May’s wild weather to beware of those who would take their cash and run without doing the work.

“If they’re in a position of rebuilding, whether it’s a home or a property, it’s important to bear in mind that in the midst of everything else, there are still crooks and con artists out there who also know that the news has been very difficult and are more then happy to try to make a quick buck,” said Schmidt.

It’s important to do your due diligence before letting someone help you with recovery, if they expect to be paid for the work.

“If possible, do business with local, or if not local at least with area, reputable, established contractors and repair workers,” said Schmidt. “People who you can check out their work ahead of time through local and known references and who you can find after the fact, because they have a permanent office in the area, in case something goes wrong or there’s a dispute.”

Don’t do business with a door-to-door peddler if you have other options.

“If somebody’s going to do business with a door-to-door peddler, it’s also important to know what rights exist,” said Schmidt. “For example, a door-to-door sale in Kansas, even a sale of repair services after a disaster is subject to the provisions of the consumer protection laws. There has to be both oral and written notice of a three-day right to cancel. Never pay with cash. Always get a written contract, preferably after getting bids from more than one potential contractor.

If you change your mind within the three days, you do have a right to cancel.

For more information, go to ag.ks.gov.