Kansas Congressman Roger Marshall believes impeachment inquiry has been ‘anything but fair’

There is the obvious time spent element inherent in House Democrats pursuit of the impeachment inquiry that is frustrating for Republicans like Kansas First District Congressman Roger Marshall, but he says his opposition is about more than that.

“You’re talking about undoing the votes of 63 million people who voted for President Trump,” said Marshall Wednesday. “That process should be held to a very high standard. I think that every
American deserves a fair and due process. The process has been anything but fair. They’ve done it in secret. They’re not allowing the President to have counsel. They’re not allowing the President, or
Republicans to call witnesses or subpoena documents.”

Marshall believes the President has a case on the merits, as well.

“I would encourage people to read the President’s phone transcript themselves and Ambassador Volker’s transcript was released last night,” said Marshall. “I think, if you read that, you’ll see that there
was no blackmail in there. There was no quid pro quo, the fancy name that lawyers use for blackmail. I think that if you’ll read it, you’re going to find out that the Ukrainians didn’t even know that we had any aid held up for them at the time and that two weeks later we released the aid. The Ukranian president said there was no pressure on him.”

Marshall believes there were two concurrent policy paths being taken at once.

“One path was withholding aid to Ukraine, which is very, very common,” said Marshall. “The other path was the President asking Ukraine to investigate corruption, corruption that went all the way back to the 2016 election. I think the President had every right to ask Ukraine to investigate corruption that might have impacted our elections.”

Marshall is running as a Republican for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Pat Roberts when he retires at the end of this term.