Kansas considering whether meatless products should use word “meat” on label

Kansas looks to be the next state to consider whether meatless products should use the word “meat” on the label.

A bill in the Kansas Statehouse would require faux meat products have labels specifically saying there is no meat in it. 

The Kansas Livestock Association is pushing the bill. The group’s Aaron Popelka says labels on some veggie-based burgers and other items could make consumers think they contain meat. 

“We’re pretty free market and we think if you have a new product and you can compete, great. Just don’t deceive consumers about what your product is,” said Popelka.

Opponents of the bill say the labeling is already clear and regulations should be left up to the federal government, as they are now. 

At least six other states, including Missouri, have regulated labels on meat alternatives.

Story by Stephen Koranda