Kansas Corn Eclipses 800 Million Bushels

Kansas corn producers have leaped over their previous production record.  USDA’s Annual Crop Production Report indicates that the state finished 2019 harvesting 800,660,000 bushels of corn, a 24.6 percent jump from the previous year.  Farmers in Kansas completed corn harvest on 6.02 million acres, compared to 4.98 million in 2018. Yield was up four bushels per acre at 133. The previous production record was set in 2016 at 698.6 million bushels.

The record Kansas corn production didn’t leave any room for improvement for soybeans.  Farmers in the state harvested 186.3 million bushels this year, down 7.6 percent from 2018.  Both acreage and yield were lower, with 41.5 bushels per acre harvested from just under 4.5 million acres, a loss of 200,000 acres.

Sorghum production in Kansas slid 13 percent, with 204 million bushels harvested from 2.4 million acres.  Yield was down three bushels per acre at 85. Sunflower production also fell, with 53.9 million pounds harvested from 39,300 acres.  Both acreage and yield were significantly lower, contributing to the 27-percent drop from the previous year.

In total, acreage planted and harvested in Kansas was slightly lower, with 23.1 million acres planted, down 350,000, while harvested acreage of 22.27 million was down 430,000 from the previous year.