Kansas Corporation Commission Approves New Charging Rates

As automakers move toward electric vehicles, Kansas consumers will now have options to make the switch more affordable.

The Kansas Corporation Commission has approved a settlement agreement negotiated between its staff, the Citizens Utility Ratepayer Board, and Evergy to allow the company to offer rebates on the installation of a 240 volt outlet or hardwired electric vehicle charger.

There are two rebate options.

Customers who elect a Time of Use – or TOU – rate plan qualify for a $500 rebate.

Those not electing the TOU rate will qualify for a $250 rebate.

In addition, new TOU rates will promote off-peak overnight vehicle charging at lower costs per kilowatt hour.

Commercial customers are also eligible to participate.

According to Staff and CURB, the Settlement should have relatively little impact on rates.

Evergy will be permitted to submit the costs for rebates, customer education, and administration of the program for Commission review in its next rate case.