Kansas Democrats Delegate Selection Plan Approved for 2020 Presidential Primary

The Democratic National Committee declared the Kansas Democratic Party’s 2020 Delegate Selection Plan to be in full compliance.

“The big change is, instead of having caucuses, we will be having a party-run primary,” said Kansas Democratic Party Chair Vicki Hiatt. “This will allow people to vote by mail in advance and on May 2, 2020, if they wish, they can bring their ballot in and drop it off at voting centers. Those who are not currently registered as Democrats can go ahead and register that day, become Democrats and vote in our primary.”

In addition, there will be a ranked-choice voting component.

“The ballot will be prepared so that the voters can select their first choice for a Presidential candidate and second and third, probably up to five choices,” said Hiatt. “We’ve decided we don’t know how many candidates are going to be on the ballot of course, at that time, but we will probably have five choices that they can rank one through five.”

Candidates that reach a 15% threshold will be allocated delegates.

“We will have 47 delegates to go to the convention,” said Hiatt. “We will allocate them according to the percentage earned for each candidate.”

To learn more and read the entire Delegate Selection Plan, go to KansasDems.org/2020Primary.